Mary Gardes Sears

Glorious Goblets glassware designs are unique, colorful and memorable to help you celebrate everyday or commemorate special occasions. We create a variety of glass collections based upon what we love – coastal and nature themes, as well as whimsical, retro, funky and classic designs. New designs are added every season that complement current color trends for home and fashion. Each piece of glassware is hand-painted in Virginia to reflect our interests as well as local culture.

We are blessed.

Having a livelihood that is immersed in the creative process is good for the soul. We love the people we meet and enjoy guiding our clients in their purchases. We are proud to offer a wide variety of designs for you or for someone special to you. At our shows, we delight in meeting people of all ages -- from babies enchanted by our bright colors, to men and women of all ages, engaged by our beautiful and unique displays.  They don’t realize it, but their smiles are a gift they give to us that tells us that we are speaking their language. We are fortunate to have so many wonderful clients and are always gratified to hear how well received our work is by the givers and the recipients.

A little about us.

In 1996, Mary began painting custom glassware requests for family and friends in her home studio in 1996. Soon after, she expanded her sales to local art and wine festivals in Virginia, Maryland and Washington DC. 

As Mary’s business grew, her work found distribution in select area shops, galleries and Virginia wineries. In recent years, she has collaborated with her sister, Shelly.  An avid quilter with a love of contemporary fabric and design, Shelly is an artist with an eye for quality and detail. 

    In addition to designing glassware, Mary is a K-8 Art Teacher in the Diocese of Arlington, Virginia. She believes in passing on her passion for art and design to the next generation. Art is the language that speaks to the human spirit and can be understood universally.  This belief is reflected in her glass designs, which make the occasion of giving a heartfelt gift or using a beautiful glass an uplifting experience.

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