Art Classes

Let's Paint Herndon Studio

I teach K-8 Art and lead you through the steps to a finished painting. Classes are in my Herndon studio and are 3 hours. These classes are for up to 12 adults (we can squeeze in 14). No experience necessary. I strive to make people of all skill levels comfortable and provide step by step guided instruction for those who are unsure. For the more independent minded, there is ample freedom to create.
Class fee is $65/person and includes all art supplies, instruction, appetizers and beverages. 

Private Parties

If you book a group of at least 4, you can opt to bring your own snacks and drinks and the cost is $45/person or, I will provide appetizers and beverages for $65/person.


Sept.- May good times to book (Summers are wide open):

Friday 6-9 or 7-10 pm

Saturdays:  9-12, 12-3, 2-5, 7-10 pm

Sundays: 12-3, 2-5, 5-8 pm

Sample Classes

Folk art
Van Gogh sunflowers
Modigliani selfies
Matisse goldfish
Still life 
Van Gogh almond blossoms
Claude Monet landscape
Van Gogh landscape
Birthday or wedding cakes
Monogram Multi-Media Collage Letter


Animal Collage Painting
Big Flower + Your Choice of Words
Continuous Line Drawing + Multi Media
Sea Creature/Bird Collage + Painting
Flower Still Life
 Spring Flower Bouquets


Nature Still Life (Ink & Acrylic)

Birds in Pastel


Contact me to get more details or if you'd like to sign up, arrange for your own group date and time, or be added to my mailing list for updated class schedules.
















Subjects you can choose from

  folk art

 van gogh sunflowers
  modigliani selfies    matisse goldfish
 still life   van gogh almond blossoms
 claude monet landscape   van gogh landscape
 birthday or wedding cakes

 Angel: collage + acrylic on canvas

 animal collage + acrylic on canvas

 Big Flower + your choice of words or phrase


 Flowers in Vase in acrylic on canvas

 Beach, acrylic on canvas